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Bamboo Underwear


Hypoallergenic - Gentler than many man-made fibres such as cotton, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin. No more itching, irritability or wriggling. Your skin will be protected, hurrah!

Soft and comfy – Be comfortable all day long, whether sleeping, working out, or at work. Uncomfortable and ill-fitting underwear is the worst; itchy material can make you wriggle and ruin your day. Bamboo does the opposite; you’ll feel oh-so cosy.

You Stay dry - Bamboo fibre has various tiny holes and gaps in the underwear that enables aeration, allowing absorption and evaporation of moisture to happen quickly. This enables you to not only enjoy comfortable and irritation free underwear, but allows you to feel fresh.

Kheper Bamboo Thong - Lilac

R 100.00
Dropping 30th @ 13:00

Kheper Bamboo Thong - Peachy

Regular price R 100.00 On Sale from R 50.00
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Kheper Bamboo Thong - White

R 100.00
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Dropping 30th @ 13:00


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